MW-C2 is a color fingerprint time attendance system designed for medium to large size businesses. It integrates color LCD, keypad and an optical fingerprint sensor. MW-C2 has an ultra slim design with the thickness of only 3cm, which makes it extremely elegant on the wall. Stylish 3" widescreen High Definition TFT display can show multi-languages for different local markets. Standard with ID, Optional Mifare card reader is specially designed for the existing card users and a higher security level. In addition, with unique Fn button, users will be able to easily manage a complicated custom-defined job code or time attendance status.

Techinical Details:

• Extremely thin and refined design
• BioNANO V10 core fingerprint algorithm of high speed and stability
• New generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof AFOS300 fingerprint sensor
• Fast fingerprint scan in less than 0.5 second
• 3" widescreen High Definition TFT display
• User friendly graphic interface
• Support multiple display and software language
• Clear voice prompts along with all operations
• USB Plug & Play connection
• Easy TCP/IP connectivity
• Realtime data transfer
• Optional inbuilt RFID, Mifare reader
• Various employee authentication methods. • Easy combination of fingerprint, password and card
• 12-digit user ID and user name display
• 16 different customizable time and attendance status
• Auto time and attendance status switch
• 6-digit work code to calculate different job cost
• Public and private short message display
• Auto daylight saving
• Employee self-service record inquiry



MW-T60 is a professional fingerprint access control system which fully integrates LCD, keypad, optical fingerprint sensor, card reader and professional access control components. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on doorframes. MW-T60 can be used for both simple access control and separate type secure access control. In addition, MW-T60 has Wiegand input and output, direct lock control, alarm output and doorbell output for a complete access control solution. USB plug and play, RS485 and TCP/IP communication is available for all kinds of installation sites. Optional ID, Mifare and HID card reader is specially designed for the existing card users and higher security level. MW-T60 can work perfectly to meet different demands for access control.

Technical Details:

• World leading brand. Korean industrial design. Elegant white LCD
• New generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof fingerprint sensor
• BioNano core fingerprint algorithm for T&A and access control, high performance and reliability
• Professional fingerprint strengthen membrane.
•Improved performance to dry or wet fingers.
• Easy maintenance. 360 degree identification
• Stand-alone without being connected with computer
• Standard fingerprint capacity 2000. Standard record capacity 50000
• Multiple identification method: FP,ID+PW,ID+FP,ID+Card,Card
• Optional RFID, Mifare or HID card reader
• Standard Mini USB, RS485 and TCP/IP networking communication
• Can directly drive the electric lock to open the door.
•Optional SC021 or SC822 access controller for separate type secure access control
• Tamper alarm output to connect with alarm equipment outside and output the alarm card No.
• Support time zone, group access control and realtime data monitor, easy-to-use and use-friendly software
• Wall mounted, combine 2-in-1 function for time attendance and access control