MWyse Inc within its Developmental Department have invested lots of resources in for the Renewable Energy Sector. Taking steps towards fusing Technological Knowledge with Solar Technology for the Private and Public Sector. We are bridging the Gap between Hardware and Software Service and Monitoring of Batteries used within the Solar Energy Sector. This Industry is still somewhat new to many organizations World Wide and no structured schooling exist to-date, our approach was to invest in all aspects relating too but not limited to:

Battery Services

Charging, Discharging and Maintenance of large Battery Banks are big challenges usually within entire Solar Setup, especially when one or more cells maybe killing other Cells due to low voltages or bad cells use to resistance within batteries. The time to Charge / Dis-charge Battery Banks excess of 500 AH, KW and Higher can run for hours and even days without the knowhow of this ever changing technology.

  • Battery Chemistries (Lithium ION , LifePO4, AGM / Gel, Lead Acid)
  • Charging and Discharging of Large Battery Banks ( In shorter time frames )
  • Cell Testing and Balancing
  • Cell Repair
  • Heat Monitoring
  • Inverter management
  • Install / Upgrade

Application Software Analytics include:

  • Solar Panel Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Controlling Isolation Switches
  • Remote Camera Monitoring
  • Access Control for Security

  • MWyse Inc has been in the Software Monitoring Analytics Market for well over 20 years, and have extended our software Engineering Development Abilities with Battery Monitoring for the Commercial Sector, our Software soon be available on the market will run on a Client/Server Environment with its Client Software running on Microsoft Windows, Android and IOS Platforms. These are just some of the key areas that I have invest resources to ensure various services can be given on demand as the need for Solar Technology increases over-time. We look forward to working with both Private and Governmental Organizations Sectors that best complement the initiatives in the Solar Industry Sector.

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